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Dada Masilo’s Swan Lake

Saturday night, as part of the Roma Europa festival, I headed to Teatro Argentina for the first time to see Dada Masilo’s Swan Lake. I must admit prior to arriving at the theater I had no idea what I was going to see. My friend mentioned that it was a South African choreographer and since I am starved for all things black in Rome I jumped at the opportunity. When I found out it was a South African take on Swan Lake I was even more excited.

The theater itself is simply amazing! I will always appreciate the ornateness and luxe over-the-topness of Italian design. From the ceiling to the private viewing booths lining both walls from top to bottom, to the lush red velvet chairs, not a detail was missed.

The show itself was jaw dropping. It was short at one hour, but it captured my heart. The black skin pulled taut on well defined muscles against the white tutus was visual perfection. The love story, one laced with homosexual undertones, challenged the audience’s idea of the standard ballet love story of leading lady meets leading man. Because photos were not allowed I have just used a couple of pictures that I found on google.

If you hear of Dada Masilo coming to your town, I urge you to go and see her show!

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