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Portraits of Copenhagen

A cold country full of warm people, Denmark was one of the friendliest countries that I have ever been to. I am sure that this is some how tied to the fact that it is the happiest country in the world. Here are a few characters from my adventures. I have included details of their names, ages, hometowns and occupations.

Charlotte Steen, 49, Copenhagen, Blacksmith

Captured these pictures of Charlotte inside of a women’s design collective. One thing about the Danes is that they age gracefully.



Mehmet Korkmaz, 35, Cologne, Germany, UNICEF staff

A recent resident of Copenhagen, Mehmet is still getting his feel for the city.

Miriam and Rune, 38 and 35, Copenhagen, both work in IT

Such a wonderful couple and they, like many people in Copenhagen, spend the weekends walking around town with a designer baby stroller.


Eva, 32, Stockholm – lived in Copenhagen for eight years, Architect 

It was her idea to use the bike as a prop! Typically Nordic.


Christina and Måns, 41 and 1.5, Lindhult, Sweden – visiting the city for the day, Sales person

Christina was very kind. Nordic people once they open up are very warm. Her son was very adorable as well.





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