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‘Revenge travel’ is the phenomenon that could bring back tourism with a bang – Washington Post: July 2020

Meet the adventurer: Jessica Nabongo on the lessons learnt from visiting 195 countries – National Geographic: July 2020

1st Black Woman to Visit Every Country, Jessica Nabongo: Passport Privilege and Racial Diversity in Travel – The Unearth Women Podcast: July 2020

Morning News Segment – WGN Morning News in Chicago: June 2020

Tourism Marketers Must Now Go Beyond Optics to Reach Black Travelers – Skift: June 2020

Black Travelers Breaking Barriers – Let’s Go Together podcast by Travel + Leisure: June 2020

Get to Know Jessica Nabongo, the First Documented Black Woman to Travel to Every Country in the World – Travel + Leisure: June 2020

How the Travel Industry Should Support Black Women – Women Who Travel Podcast by Condé Nast: June 2020

Segment on the future of travel following the COVID19 crisis – WPEC CBS 12 News: May 2020

7 Travel Entrepreneurs Talk Staying Busy and Inspired During Coronavirus Quarantine – Naira: May 2020

Jessica Nabongo: How She Travels With Purpose – Culture Trip: May 2020

The era of peak travel is over – Vox: April 2020

How 11 Explorers Are Embracing Staying Put – Outside Magazine: April 2020

She’s traveled to every country in the world and she’s from Detroit – ClickOnDetroit: April 2020

Did coronavirus cancel your travel plans? You can still enjoy your 2020 vacation days – USA TODAY: March 2020

195 Countries Later: Jessica Nabongo Shares What She’s Learned After Visiting Every Country In The World – Forbes: March 2020

Cover Feature: Global Nomad – Selamta Magazine by Ethiopian Airlines: March 2020

Jessica Nabongo and Alicia Miller Corbett: The power of travelling outside your comfort zone – Take The Leap Podcast by Four Seasons: February 2020

Through community and technology, diverse and welcoming travel experiences are on the rise – ABC 33/40: February 2020

How I Visited Every Country in the World: Jessica Nabongo on Setting Records – Condé Nast Traveler: January 2020

Meet Jessica Nabongo, The First Black Woman To Visit Every Country In The World – Lonely Planet: January 2020

7 Ways To ‘Travel Green’ In 2020 – Forbes: January 2020

Tips To Book Travel For A Quick Getaway – Good Morning America: January 2020

4 Entrepreneurs Give Their Smart Travel Tips – Condé Nast Traveler: November 2019
BBC’s 100 Women Series – BBC: October 2019
Ep. 36: Jessica Nabongo: The First Black Woman To Travel Every Country In The World – Empowered Health | A Podcast With Emily Kumler: October 2019
The Real World Traveler Segment Two – The Weather Channel: October 2019
The Real World Traveler Segment One – The Weather Channel: October 2019
Meet the Women Who Travel Advisory Board – Conde Nast Traveler: October 2019
Influencers Face Criticism for Saudi Arabia Travel #Ads – The New York Times: October 2019
Ride High, Right Now! – Bold Outline: September 2019
Jessica Nabongo is Traveling to Every Country in the World – Time to Eat the Dogs: September 2019
Why every woman must solo travel – The Asian Age: June 2019
Allein um die Welt – macht das Spaß? – Spiegel Online: June 2019
Meet the 2019 Platinum List Panel of Experts – American way: May/June 2019
The Ugandan-American visiting every country on earth – BBC News World Service: May 2019
Adventurous. Alone. Attacked. – The New York Times: March 2019
The Women Who Travel Power List – Conde Nast Traveler: March 2019

In 2019 Jessica Nabongo will become the first black woman to visit every country – Wanderlust: February 2019

Jessica Nabongo Might Become the First Black Woman to Travel to Every Country – NowThis Her: February 2019

Jessica Nabongo’s Historic Quest to Visit Every Country on Earth – CBS News: February 2019

This woman wants to be the first black woman to visit every country – SBS Australia: January 2019

Women travel alone more than men. Here’s why. – Vox: January 2019

67 things we learned in Traveler this 2018 – Conde Nast Traveler Spain: January 2019

The Race to Visit Every Country in the World: Women Who Travel Podcast – Conde Nast Traveler: January 2019

Jessica’s First Trip to China on Her Travel-the-World Journey – Odynovo: January 2019

The best travel accounts on Instagram 2018, according to the writing of Condé Nast Traveler – Conde Nast Traveler Spain: December 2018

I Travel for a Living, and This Is the Only Suitcase I Use – Domino: December 2018

Travel Hacks A to Z: Tips to Beat Jet Lag, Lines, Theft, Hangovers – Bloomberg: November 2018

Why Instagram Influencer Jessica Nabongo Always Travels During The Rainy Season – Bloomberg Podcast: November 2018

Jessica Nabongo Explores Jordan and Beijing with Airbnb – Airbnb: November 2018

11 Influential Black Women In Travel You Should Know – Travel Noire: November 2018

Quick Tips for Solo Travel: Pt. I Featuring Jessica Nabongo – Res Ipsa: October 2018

Traveling With A Purpose: Jessica Nabongo aka The Catch Me If You Can – October 2018

Jessica Nabongo, the first black woman to travel the world – Conde Nast Traveler Spain: October 2018

Jessica Nabongo: On The Journey To Making History, Beauty & More – The Lip Bar: October 2018

4 Jet-Setting Black Women Who Have Each Traveled To Over 100 Countries Give Their Best Advice – Essence: September 2018

My First Trip: Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown, Marie Kondo, and More Share Memories – Conde Nast Traveler: September 2018

Traveling The World To Shatter Racial Stereotypes – Brut: September 2018

Jessica Nabongo and the Freedom of International Travel – Jet Set Lisette: September 2018

Instagram Dictating Vacation Destinations – CBS This Morning: July 2018

Catch Her If You Can – The Weather Channel: July 2018

‘There’s Always Extra Scrutiny for Me When I’m Traveling.’ – HuffPost Perspectives: July 2018

Travel Goals: Jessica Nabongo Wants to Be the 1st Black Woman to Visit Every Country – The Root: June 2018

Women & Travel: Part V, The Catch Me If You Can – Res Ipsa: June 2018

She Wants To Be The First Black Woman To Visit Every Country. Here’s What She’s Learned. – HuffPost: May 2018

The 12 Things Every Expat Needs To Do Before Moving Abroad – Forbes: May 2018

Former UN Employee Jessica Nabongo Will Become the First Black Woman to Visit Every Country in the World – Culture Trip: May 2018

Jessica Nabongo, World Traveller Extraordinaire, Provides Top Tips On How To Travel – Arise TV: May 2018

She’s trying to be the first black woman to visit every country – CNN Travel: April 2018

How Jessica Nabongo Will Become The First Black Woman To Visit Every Country – Forbes: April 2018

Can You Visit Every Country in the World Without Burning Out?: Travelogue Podcast – Conde Nast Traveler: April 2018

All Your Solo Travel Questions—Answered – Conde Nast Traveler: April 2018

What It’s Really Like to Turn Travel Into a Full-Time Job – Conde Nast Traveler: April 2018

Meet The Black Woman On A Quest To Visit Every Country In The World – Travelnoire: April 2018

15 Popular Travel Destinations You Should Avoid In The Summer – HuffPost: March 2018

17 friends help photographer celebrate his birthday with epic photo shoot in Bali – Good Morning America: March 2018

33 Female Storytellers Who Are Changing the Face of Travel – Passion Passport: March 2018

Be the Change—”Putting One Person On a Team Doesn’t Make It Diverse” – My Domaine: March 2018

Trump is Making Black Americans Want to Travel Abroad More – Vice News: February 2018

The 33-Year-Old Who Left A Six-Figure Job To Start A Travel Company – Forbes: February 2018

When I Fell in Love with Travel: As Told By Female Travel Bloggers – Wanderluluu: February 2018

Intentionally or Ignorantly, the Creative Industry Perpetuates a Supremacist Standard of Beauty. – You Belong Now: February 2018

Women Who Travel Podcast: The Travel Industry Needs to Do More for Women of Color – Conde Nast Traveler: January 2018

The idea of home has always been elusive: Entrepreneur Jessica Nabongo – Aerostorie: January 2018

In the Studio: Jessica Nambowa – Milhouse: November 2015

Jessica || 56 Countries – Geektreks: October 2015

The Party’s Over … Over My Budget, That Is – NY Times: June 2015

Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ j. nambowa AKA “Catch Me If You Can” – Jetsetter Problems: May 2015

Mission Expat: How to Launch Your Global Career (Video) – Travel Noire: October 2014

Published In

Uruguay: An Escape to a South American Jewel – Upward Magazine: August 2016

Four African Trips to Take in 2016 – We Are Africa: January 2016

5 Things You Must Do In Rome – Travel Noire: September 2015

7 Tips for Planning Your First Trip to Africa – Travel Noire: January 2015

Guide to a Successful Group Trip – Travel Noire: September 2014

Love Life of a Nomad – Travel Noire: February 2014

Top 4 Things to Do in Detroit – Travel Noire: December 2013

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