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Detroit Day 5: The Struggle 2.0

Rise and Shine: 10:34am
Today’s forecast: A ridiculous amount of rain

First stop: Cafe Sonshine   

Due to the unspeakable debauchery of Thursday night, we got a late start on Friday and as our stomachs were begging for a heavy meal to soak up the memories of the night before, we headed to Cafe Sonshine which is a short walk from the house. The restaurant is not fancy at all but the staff was incredibly friendly and eager to please. We even received a few samples.

The bread basket was hot and fresh and was a great jumpstart to the meal. Since Katie is vegetarian she ordered four sides, but they gave her five so she could taste all of the vegetarian sides. I ordered the pork ribs with macaroni and cheese and greens. I am happy to report that EVERYTHING was delicious. And while I was not immediately in love with the macaroni, the fact that they do not use salt in ANYTHING made me give the macaroni a pass and I enjoyed my food a lot more. Janice who is the owner was very knowledgeable about food and nutrition and was more than willing to share the information. The location is a bit off the beaten track, but it is definitely worth a visit.

Cafe Sonshine
8902 2nd Ave
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 873-9330

Second Stop: Detroit by Car

My 30 days in Detroit is about showing a different side of Detroit than what is often portrayed in documentaries and books, as an urban wasteland. My Detroit doesn’t look like that and I am happy that I was able to drive Katie (Montreal) and Anke (Amsterdam) around to show them just that. I first drove them to Corktown then Mexican Town then we rode Jefferson all the way to Grosse Pointe so that I could show them the stark difference between Detroit and Grosse Pointe. I showed them the beautiful homes in Indian Village and in the neighborhood where the mayor lives and I am happy to report that they were happy to see another side of Detroit and were able to see that not all people in Detroit are poor and unemployed and not all blocks in Detroit are filled with abandon houses. 

So if you ever visit Detroit and you need a tour guide to show you another aspect of Detroit that is never publicized, please get in touch with me and I will make it happen, even if I am not here.

Third Stop: Grand River Shops

After driving around the city we made a quick pitstop at three of my favorite stores on Grand River just off of Broadway. I have already blogged about Norah’s Vintage Loft and the Natural Hair Market and I will blog about DSE on another day. But because I love Najah, Victoria and James so much, I had to take my visitors to see all that they had on offer. Click on the links to previous posts and stay tuned for a post on DSE.

Fourth Stop: The Homie’s Loft

Before heading out for the evening, we grabbed a bottle of Cab and went to my friend Justin’s house in Woodbridge to pregame and allow me time to do the blog from the day before. We spent two hours laughing, drinking, listening to good music and ragging on my broken iPhone before heading out for our evening destinations. 

How dope are these shot glasses?

Fourth Stop: Trumbell Plex

I wish I could write more about this dope space right now, but unfortunately I did not spend enough time there. I have committed to returning in the coming days for an event but just know that if you are looking for a really cool off the beaten path place to hang out and listen to emerging artists, this is the place for you. More to come!

Fifth Stop: Norah’s Vintage Loft

When we stopped by Norah’s Vintage Loft earlier in the day, Najah told us that she was hosting a tattoo party in the evening where one of her favorite Detroit tattoo artists would be doing tattoos for $30. Even though we arrived too late to get a tattoo it was a cool atmosphere with some very dope people. I will definitely be attending the next one!

We took the opportunity to have a late night photoshoot

The lighting behind him is from a car that was driving down the street!

Sixth Stop: Centaur Bar

What can I say. This is the second time I have been here in two days and I will always be a return customer. See the Day 4 post for more info.

Seventh Stop: Hot Taco

Everybody needs a late night munchie spot. See the Day 1 post for more info.

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