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Back in December 2012 I decided to quit my job at the United Nations in Rome and since I did not have real plans beyond that, I just decided to travel. My first stop was Buenos Aires. I had never been to South America and I had a friend working in Buenos Aires who said that I could stay as long as I wished. While standing in the airport in Rome I purchased a flight and the rest is history. I spent roughly three weeks in Argentina and six weeks in the region. I used Argentina as a jumping off point to visit Uruguay and Brazil. During my time in the country I explored Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Iguazu, each of which has to be on any itinerary for the country. Argentina certainly lives up to its reputation and offers a multitude of options for all travelers.

january 2013

First Time Visited


Times Visited

buenos aires,
mendoza, iguazu

Cities visited


Should I visit?


How many days should I spend?

spring or summer (september - march)

When should I visit?

Where to eat



Find a good parillas (argentine steakhouse) and eat all that you can. Lean on your waiter for advice about which cut of meat to get.

What to do

Iguazu falls view from Argentina

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls sit on the border of Argentina and Brazil and is the largest waterfall system in the world. This is a must visit. And bonus, you can get a Brazilian visa within 24 hours and see the falls from the Brazilian side.


Biking in Mendoza

Argentina is a large producer of one of my favorite red wines, Malbec. So when I visited I knew I had to go to Mendoza, their wine country. Rent a bike for a day and visit different wineries for wine tasting and lunch.


Walk around Palermo neighborhood

Full of cocktail spots, quirky shops, eclectic restaurants, Palermo neighborhood is a great place to walk around. Parque Tres de Febrero hosts a rose garden, rowing lakes, and locals picnicking all around.


La Bomba in Tiempo

A lively show featuring drummers and singers. Only in Buenos Aires every Monday night., every show is unique and unrepeatable. The ensemble practices improvisations uses signs.

Instagrammable spots







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  1. Another cool thing that’s happening in Buenos Aires is that it’s showing its Black Roots!
    Lunfarda Travel runs the only tour on Afro-Argentine history, led by members of the community… it even sponsors tours for kids in the public education system through its private tour sells!

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