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ICYMI: Periscope Broadcast – How I Became a Nomad

Yesterday, I did my first ever broadcast and I discussed my life journey up to this point, much of which could be described as nomadic. I had a great time on the broadcast and thanks to those who joined. I will be doing many more broadcast in the future so stay tuned!! You can follow me on Periscope: @thecatchmeifyoucan.

If you have any questions leave them in the comments and if you have any ideas for broadcast topics let me know!!

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  1. Well I tried finding your email to ask you privately but I didn’t find it so I might as well ask you this question here.. lol if you don’t mind.. I’m a junior in college and trying to figure out what I want to do after I graduate. In this video you said you was a pharmaceutical sales rep for pfizer! How did you get to become that fresh out of college?? What are ways to prepare myself so I can go into that? I’m also looking at medical device sales.. I graduate 2017, it may seem like a long time away but time passes by fast!
    Thank you and keep the videos coming! your life is FASCINATING!!!!

    1. Hello Rhea, I can be reached at I became a rep at Pfizer following an internship that I had with them through Inroads, which is a minority internship program. The industry has changed a lot and I do not think that I can really advise you on how to get in as I was working there many moons ago, but what I can say is personality goes a long way in the interview. They don’t really care what you study but that you have an engaging personality and can be seen as an expert. Hope that helps!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Hello, I’m intrigued to watch this video, however, it’s marked “private.” Perhaps it’s just very old and a link broke(?).
    Thx. ..peace

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