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Five Things to Do in LA

Sunshine, boardwalks, gourmet vegan food, beautiful people, celebrity sitings, Los Angeles, better known as LA has it all. I have been going to LA for years, but only recently fell in love with it. Now that several good friends of mine live there, I get to see the city from their perspective and it is an awesome place to be. My favorite thing to do in LA is Runyon Canyon with my boys and eat good food with good people, all the while people watching.

Though I have been to LA more times than I can count, since I do not live there I cannot give all of the ins and outs of the city. I prefer to go to local experts so I caught up with fellow Detroit native and friend Gabi Gregg better known as Gabifresh, to find out from her what five things we should do when visiting LA.

What do you do and why?

I’m a full time style blogger, consultant and designer in Los Angeles. As a young plus size woman I wasn’t happy with the resources or clothing options available to me, so in 2008 I started a website dedicated to showing you could be stylish at any size. From there it kind of snowballed and eventually became my career.

Where are you from?


Where do you live?

I have been living in Culver City, on the west side of LA for about a year and a half.

Five Things to Do in LA

  1. Scoops Westside – My favorite ice cream place ever! The ice cream here is homemade and they switch flavors daily–the only one they have consistently is called Brown Brown Bread and it’s heaven on earth.
  2. Matador Beach – A gorgeous beach in Malibu with beautiful rock formations!
  3. My Two Cents – The most delicious soul food place with the nicest owner/head chef. It’s small and always packed but worth the wait. Their grit fries are SO GOOD.
  4. Wi Spa – LA is known for its Korean spas! They have amazing saunas and if you’re daring, they are the best places to get scrubs ever. Inexpensive and they leave you feeling like a baby’s butt (but be prepared to basically feel like you’re being rubbed down with a brillo pad.)
  5. The Commissary at the Line Hotel – A hip place in Koreatown with yummy drinks and food in a beautiful greenhouse with an amazing view.

Where can people find you online?

@gabifresh everywhere! except on snapchat – @gabi.gregg

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