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Five Things to Do in Johannesburg

I feel like everyone I know has been to South Africa. I constantly get bombarded with casual talk about Jozi and almost feel embarrassed when I have to interject, “I’ve never been to South Africa.” Several planned trips and moves to South Africa have fallen through over the years and I’ve started to feel like maybe I’m just not supposed to go there.

From the art to the parties to the history, Johannesburg is on the top of plenty bucket lists and has been checked off by  most globetrotters. It is a destination for a reason! One day while perusing Instagram I came across a really cool event in Jo’burg called The WKND Social. I was so intrigued by the images that I asked my friend that lives there if she ever attended an event. She had. The more I searched for images of the WKND Social, the more I saw pictures of @mamakashaka. After stopping by her page, I immediately clicked follow.

I caught up with Nandi and asked her to share her favorite five things to do in Johannesburg.

What do you do and why?

I work in the broadcast industry. I produce branded content, commercials and promos. That’s my “9-5” hat. Beyond that I’m the creator of Joho Moms, a mommy blog that features young and creative mommies based in and around Joburg and alongside my three amazing business partners, I also organize The WKND Social, a pop up brunch, come day party movement.

Where are you from?

I was born in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.

Where do you live?

I currently live in Johannesburg. I moved to JHB in 1996 and did a two year stint in Cape Town in 2007 and 2008. I’ve been back in JHB since end of 2008.

Five Things to Do in Johannesburg

  1. Get quickly acquainted with the city and take a Hop on & Hop Off Tour Bus.
  2. Hiking followed by a picnic at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens
  3. Eat, shop & party in Braamfontein. You can find great stores, cafes and bars on and around the popular Juta Street
  4. Visit our top 3 markets; Neighbourgoods, Arts on Main and the Fourways Farmers Market
  5. Attend The WKND Social
Daleahs 2 Image taken from

Lunch at Daleahs in Braamfontein

Fourways Farmers Market

Fourways Farmers Market



Arts on Main

Arts on Main

Be sure to follow Nandi’s adventures over on Instagram.

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