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Five Things to Do in Dakar, Senegal

In 2014 as part of my whirlwind global tour in honor of my 30th birthday I landed in Dakar to visit an old friend. I had heard amazing things about the city and Senegal and since I had a friend there, it was the perfect time to visit. Long story short I had an amazing time between the history of Gorée Island, the delicious and inexpensive seafood and the uncrowded beaches, Senegal was a dream.

Being that I am obsessed with all things Africa and African diaspora, when I stumbled upon the Instagram account of @chrishouns I was instantly addicted. His instagram feed is full of images from his travels, but mostly focused on Senegal and specifically Dakar, and all of them are taken and edited on his phone!

I caught up with Christian to find out more about him and of course to get tips on things to do in Dakar.

What do you do and why?

I am a young medical doctor. As a local “grammer” I try my best to show another side of the city. Africa is so beautiful. My favorite spot for pictures is:  yoff beach (fishermen, colorful boats, beach soccer’s boys …). But i also try different places to show ours incredible sunsets.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Benin (west African country near Nigeria).

Where do you live?

I have been living in Dakar for five years as this is where I did my medical studies.

Five Things to Do in Dakar

For those who want to try something new, to see another face of our beautiful Africa, you are welcome in Senegal.

  1. Gorée Island: so much to see, so much to learn and of course so many pictures to take
  2. Monument of African Renaissance: The tallest statue in Africa
  3. Enjoy sunsets: From Almadies to Cap Manuel, from Ngor Island to Yoff, they are incredible.
  4. Eat some local food: From Tiebou diene to “dibi”, but be careful it’s spicy :-). You can also take a look at restaurants and coffee places (Presse Café, Eric Kayser, Alkimia, and my favorite place “L’avenue” in side the Radisson Blu).
  5. Get outside of Dakar: There is so much to see (Lac rose, Kayar, Saly, Sine saloum, Saint Louis)

Hope you will all enjoy your trip and share your experience.

Be sure to follow @chrishouns for his spectacular photos from Senegal and if you are planning a trip let me know!!

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  1. This is an amazing story and not the mention an amazing website. It has become my favorite place to come to and escape from my dreary world and learn about international travel and places to visit and explore. Keep writing, and keep traveling. I am sharing your website with all my friends and family.

    Love Ya!!!

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