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Detroit Day 8: The Catch Up

Rise and Shine: 9:15am
Today’s Forecast: Endless rain

Today was reserved as a day of rest. After a pretty hectic two weeks back in the states, involving a funeral, a trip to Atlanta and Katie’s visit to Detroit, I was absolutely knackered. The weather didn’t make it easy either. Also I am doing a two day detox so no new restaurants or bars for me. So with that being said, today in Detroit was not super eventful but I was able to check out one new place.

First Stop: Fourteen East Cafe

I had some deadlines for work and working in the house was very difficult so I hopped in the car and headed two miles south on Woodward to Fourteen East Cafe in midtown. I was heading to Great Lakes, but since I am trying to explore new places in Detroit I made a quick U turn when I spotted it. It is a very cute cafe in the Park Shelton building next to the more popular Good Girls Go to Paris Crepe place.

It is small and it feels a bit sterile. I was a bit scared to make any noise as everyone else was pretty quiet, unlike the usual crowds in Starbucks or Great Lakes Coffee which are further down Woodward. As I am doing my two days of detox, I had a pot of the Green Tea Passion and it was delicious. So if you are looking for a quiet coffeeshop head to Fourteen East.

Fourteen East Cafe
14 East Kirby
Detroit, MI 48202

Second Stop: The Kitchen

I am currently on a self-imposed detox in an effort to get all of the toxins that I have consumed out of my body. This doesn’t only refer to alcohol but also cows that are eating corn when they should be eating grass and dairy which has proven to be the source of my acne. I have never juiced before though I make green smoothies on a fairly regular basis. Today I pulled out the juicer and all of the fruits and vegetables that I had in the fridge and scoured the internet for recipes as well as asking my Twitter followers. Thanks to a college friend, Nicole for the suggestion.

I spent three hours, juicing cleaning and of course taking pictures of
my various creations. As someone who usually makes smoothies I found
juicing to be a bit wasteful. I had an entire plastic bag of waste and I
usually would have consumed everything except the peels. In the future I
will definitely save a bit of the pulp and add it to my smoothies for
an extra boost of fiber. 

apple, carrot, lemon, ginger, romaine lettuce
apple, kale, lemon, celery

mint, cilantro, pineapple, mango, papaya, cucumber, lime, ginger, spinach

celery, ginger, beet, orange, apple, carrot

lots and lots of waste
The delicious final products!

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