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Fly Ethiopian Airlines!!

2013-06-11 09.28.06

After spending one month in Uganda I took a short trip to Addis Ababa since I was in the region. I have a friend from grad school that works there and I have heard great things so I figured it was a great opportunity to see the city.

After playing with different dates and times and trying to stick to my usual Sky Team, represented in this region by Kenya Airways, I finally gave up on an addition in my quest for gold medallion status and booked a flight on Ethiopian Airlines, which offered a few non-stop flights between Entebbe and Addis Ababa everyday. I did add my US Airways mileage program number in order to ensure no miles go unaccounted for!

Having never flown Ethiopian Airlines, the self-proclaimed “New Spirit of Africa”, I did not know what to expect. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the modernity and cleanliness of the plane. The flight crew was very nice and on my short one hour and forty minute flight, I received not only a FULL meal each way, but I also could choose wine or beer to accompany my meal. While this flight is technically international, I know a few US airlines (ALL) that could learn from the customer service of Ethiopian airlines.

2013-06-11 11.39.17

So if you are ever in the region and are looking for an airline that can offer great service and amenities, be sure to give Ethiopian Airlines a try.

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