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Mirembe Resort Beach

Uganda was named the Pearl of Africa by Sir Winston Churchill. A country full of beautiful landscapes, one of the world’s largest lakes and the source of the Nile, gorillas and safaris aren’t the only things for tourists to see. When I travel to Uganda I am not a tourist because I am coming to see family which generally means we do not get to enjoy the wonderful things that guests in the country fly across the globe for.

This trip was different!

For my birthday, my mother and I headed to Entebbe to catch a ferry to Ssese Islands. Her friends were friends with the owners of Mirembe Resort Beach on Kalangala, one of the islands, and we met up with the group at the dock. We paid 14,000 (USD5.60) Ugandan shillings for our first class ferry ticket.

Because of the rain, we had to walk through water to get on the ferry, though there were men standing by who offered to carry you over the water, for a small tip of course. First class was not so impressive, but I did appreciate the thin cushion which made the three and a half hour journey more comfortable. There was also a tv showing African music videos.

When we arrived at the island, we were met by John who was one of the owners, his wife Dora traveled with us. We all hopped in the van for a short ride to the resort and when we arrived we were pleasantly surprised. The website does not do justice to the views offered as soon as you step out of the front door of your room. Lake Victoria in all of its glory is fully visible from every inch of this property. We spent three nights there and it was the perfect amount of time.

The beach was almost non-existent due to the heavy rains in recent weeks, but that didn’t stop me from lounging in the beach chair which had been pushed backed to the grass. It was also from here that I enjoyed amazing Ugandan sunsets, night after night. Bon fires started after dark and laughing and conversations continued until late with the flicker of the bon fire lighting our faces.

Breakfast was always accompanied by African tea, which is my favorite. Lunch and dinner were generally inclusive of freshly caught tilapia, though we had beef and pork one night for a change. There is a full bar and be sure to try the Uganda Waragi. It is a very smooth gin which I will be taking back home for my friends.

All in all the best way to describe Mirembe Resort Beach is comfortable and serene. Because you are far from any city it is very quiet in the morning so it serves as a great place to meditate, to write, to dream, to relax, to just be.

So if you get a chance to reach Ssese, be sure to stay at Mirembe and tell Dora and John I sent you!

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