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Eating Brisbane

We got a late start on Saturday, which was welcomed. We had been getting out of the house by 9:30 every morning so I appreciated our noon start time. I was finally able to wear the jumper I got in Japan and believe that I will be getting every yen worth of wear out of that outfit. It was extremely hot and Matyas told me that Vietnamese food was perfect on a hot day, I’m not one to try new foods, but I’m working on being less demanding.

Once we arrived at Quan Thanh, I was taken aback by the “Public Holiday 10% Surcharge Sign”.

Matyi quickly informed that that’s actually not too bad. Crazy. I had option overload with about 70 choices of Chinese food and 70 choices of Vietnamese food. I decided to go with a Vietnamese grilled marinated chicken which turned out to be quite a delicious choice. The food is served with bean sprouts, peppers, and mint. The various flavors can be a bit strange at first but I was quite satisfied with my meal. I find Vietnamese food to be light, fresh, and quite healthy. I would not mind trying it again.


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