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So Friday was the first night that I was actually able to stay up long enough to go out. I took a nap but I was able to get up after. On tap for the evening was Brisbane’s newest nightclub, Cloudland. Anyone who knows me knows that I am allergic to cover and standing in line, so when I saw the line that I had to stand in, I threw up in my mouth. 45 aggravating minutes later, we were on the other side of the ropes. While aesthetically the club was appealing, the music sucked and no one was dancing. I really don’t understand why people stand in line to stand around. I headed straight to the bar and asked the bartender for my usual, something strong and sweet. I was a bit taken aback by the ASD$18 price tag as compared to the ASD$8.50 that my friends paid for their vodka and cranberry.

We headed upstairs and found seats. I did a bit of people watching but no one caught my eye. Humph. How boring. Furthermore, the girls in Australia don’t really know how to dress. I peeped a chick in Louboutin’s but clearly she was not the norm. The best part of the night was actually the bathrooms. It looked like they spent $5000 in each stall. With huge gold mirrors and fancy wallpaper, these bathrooms could be described as nothing less than decadent. The sinks were even better in that when you wash your hands you can talk to people of the opposite sex on the other side. Clever.

Matyi’s friend Al joined us. He’s Chinese and a hipster as evidenced by his look. We chatted about sneakers and life in the states. Then, he asked if he could touch my hair. Ugh. I said yeah, but I must admit it’s a bit unnerving. I’m not an animal.

The clubs closed at 12 because of a public holiday on Saturday. So we called it an early night and I was happy to get back to hugging that pillow.

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