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Kangaroos in Australia

So I had the chance to go to the zoo today because I just had to see kangaroos in Australia. At first we headed to the Australian Zoo, which is the zoo that Steve Irwin worked at and the zoo that his daughter now works at. I reached the gate and saw that it was ASD$54 to get in which I couldn’t stomach. Matyas dropped me off and I had to call him right back to pick me up. I felt bad but I wasn’t paying that much money to see some kangaroos. But I did get a picture in front of the sign!

Luckily enough there was another zoo that was close and cheaper! Especially since I used my student id! Yup, still using the St. John’s ID for student discounts. I had one hour to see all of the animals, as we agreed to meet at 2pm. So I was off. I snapped loads of pictures. I saw koalas, wallabies, dingos, deer, camels, and most importantly kangaroos!!!!! The cool thing about the kangaroos was that you could actually go inside their area.

Since I was alone, I took this picture to show how close I was to the kangaroo and so that people wouldn’t think I just used a zoom lens. I wanted to touch it, but I was the only one there and didn’t want to get eaten by a kangaroo with no one watching.

And right outside of the zoo was a koala crossing sign. Funny.


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