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An Afternoon in Brisbane

After we finished lunch, we decide to head to a park and drink one of the bottles that I got from the winery and eat the cheese that we got from the cheese factory. We found a nice small park overlooking the river. With no blanket in tow, I was forced to use my gray cardigan and his sweater vest as a makeshift blanket. And no, I have no clue why he had a sweater vest in his backpack. We decided to break out the Phase 10. I make it a habit to play it in every country that I visit. So I pressed play on the iPhone and let the games begin.

Matyas was a bit of a slow learner but managed to beat me. Needless to say, I was very annoyed. After we finished the game, we laid down and enjoyed the gorgeous day. It was hot as hell but I still reveled in the peaceful setting.

a splash of pink
foam cup.
grass under toes,
back to the earth,
i dream of yesterdays
me. you.
lying next to the other.

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