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Advice from a 30-year-old nomad

Now that I am 30 and living my life like its golden, I figure I should share my ten tips to living your life in the same way. This list has been perfected over the years but each of these is truly a driver in my everyday life. Sometimes I catch myself slipping, but I always come back to these 10 principles.

1. Live your life unapologetically for you!
2. Trust the universe, it conspires in your favor.
3. Question the status quo and challenge the ideas of others.
4. Discover what makes you happy. Question why it makes you happy. Find a way to fill your life with whatever it is.
5. Be yourself. Love yourself. Know that you are enough.
6. Be fearless. Fear has no place in this one life we have to live.
7. Be honest with yourself and others no matter how uncomfortable it may make you or the other person feel.
8. Be positive.
9. Know when to move on. Know when to let go. Move on. Let go.
10. Create teaching moments and learning moments every single day. You are the only one who will live YOUR life, there is wisdom in that.

What are the guiding principles of your life?

Live your life unapologetically for you!

Live your life unapologetically for you!

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  1. Thanks so much. These are very inspirational and have written them down to view. You are an inspiration and I hope to be like you one day! Such an amazing beautiful black woman! 🙂

  2. this helped me so much as a young black woman about to embark on my first journey abroad this coming summer (and just as a young woman adjusting to life as a legal adult). thank you so much!

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