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Offically one year to 30!!

15 minutes ago on the 15th of May in the East African Time zone I began my 29th year of life. Oddly enough I have not been very conscious of the fact that it is my birthday. This is strange for me because generally I have VERY big birthday celebrations. My 20s have been eventful as have all of the birthdays. I cannot remember what I did on my 20th birthday, but 21 was a much quieter celebration than I ever could’ve imagined at a pool hall in Metro Detroit. 22 was spent in Detroit enjoying my close friends at the Woodward, when it was the spot! 23 was Cancun with friends. 24 was eating Kobe beef in Kobe Japan. 25 was in Detroit, Miami and Puerto Rico, taking the entire month to celebrate my quarter century achievement of living. 26 was in London, tearing down the city with grad school classmates and dear friends that flew in from several different countries. 27 was in Rome celebrating with new friends. 28 saw 280 Euros worth of wine and not enough food, a missed alarm clock and massive regrets at work. And here I am at 29, in Uganda.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this birthday is difficult, as two days from now I will be acknowledging the tenth anniversary of my dad’s death. This looming reminder of a noticeable absence in my life is worth playing down my special day, but for 30 I will be back with a vengeance. Don’t believe me just watch.

Please note I tried to include pictures of me alone, since many of the group shots are better left to my private collection and I wouldn’t want to incriminate anyone who tore down the various parties with me!


21. What was I wearing??? j. crew x gap x loehmann’s x super skinny jessica


22. Was still rolling with the homie back then.


23. Before Northwest became Delta.


24. I miss my bald head.


24. I paid a lot for this little piece of beef, but totally worth it!


25. The theme was cupcakes and candy.


25. I spent my actual birthday on set with Elton in Miami helping him on a photo shoot


25. The culmination of the celebration was a trip to Puerto Rico with 18 friends!


26. This was the most civilized picture I could find from this crazy night in London Town.


27. I moved to a new country a month before my birthday. This delivery from Kenya made my day.


28. This was before we consumed too much wine on empty stomachs on a weeknight.


29. Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria, Uganda

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