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Fighting with bats: Adventures in late night bathroom use

When one is sleeping in the village, the thing you dread most is waking up in the middle of the night and having to use the bathroom. The reason this is despised is because it means going outside to the outhouse in the dark or using the bathing room with not enough light to avoid that which may be lurking. The first night in the village this happened to me. My first thought was to go to the bathing room so I wouldn’t have to go outside. After knocking a few things over, I found my flashlight and wipes and hopped out of bed.

I headed to the bathing room with the LED light leading the way. I shone the light in the room leading to the bathing room and noticed a medium sized flying object. Two seconds later I realized that it was a bat!! I did not have the bravery to face the bat in that room so I decided I would just go outside. I went to the back door and pulled a bit realizing it was locked. With the urgency to pee intensifying I went back to the room leading to the bathing room, the bat was still there. And every time I moved the light it flew around like crazy. I went back to the back door hoping that somehow I would be able to get it open. I played with the locks and pulled. Still nothing. It had been locked from the outside.

I knew the front door was also locked and by the time I undid the many locks I would have peed on myself. In one last attempt before waking up someone, anyone, I went back to the room where the bat was and luckily it was gone. I made a beeline for that bathing room door, ran in and was relieved. I used some water to wash away any signs of my bathroom use and headed back to bed. No sooner than I took off my slippers and climbed in the bed did that bat swoop into my bedroom and fly right over my face. Thinking I imagined it, I made no real adjustments, though my heart was racing. About five seconds later, it came back around. I quickly hid my face under the blankets and slept that way until morning.

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