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Made in America Day 2

Day 2 of Made in America didn’t start off as great as we would’ve liked. It was a raining Sunday morning and the prospect of standing in a park all day was not very appealing. We started our day with brunch, I will profile the restaurant in another post because it was that amazing. After brunch we went to CVS in hopes of finding ponchos, but of course they were sold out. We are novices at this music festival thing, I think we were supposed to buy them ahead of time. Note to self for next time. One of my friends bought garbage bags as a substitute and we were on our way.

The first act of the day was SANTIGOLD!!!! I almost missed her, but entered the park just as “Go!” started playing. Her new album is what I wake up to every morning and a permanent fixture on my iPhone when all other music is being rotated so I was extremely excited to hear her perform this album. And she did not disappoint. The girls I was with were not familiar with her new music and they loved every second of it. Even though it was raining, Santi was able to keep the crowd moving and she even called people up to the stage to dance. All in all, one of my favorite sets from the weekend.

After Santi, we found a spot on the ground, laid our trash bags down, then blankets, then ourselves. The rain had stopped but it was really grey :-(. Jill Scott performed next and put on an AMAZING show as always. She even brought out EVE. Needless to say, the hometown crowd went crazy. It was a wonderful and unexpected surprise. Jill ended her set with an operatic version of “He Loves Me” and sang a full Opera song in Spanish. It was beautiful. Her talent is undeniable.

Run DMC performed as well. I am not really into their music so didn’t enjoy it as much as the others. The sons of Jam Master Jay did a DJ tribute to him, which was nice. Rita Ora, performed on another stage, but we missed her. Odd Future also performed but we were too lazy to move to the other stage. The big performance of the day, for us, was Drake. I still do not think he is the best performer, but I LOVE his music so there was a lot of dancing and screaming. He brought out 2 Chainz, which made the crowd go crazy, and French Montana, an artist whose name I didn’t know until that night. While I thought Drake’s performance was full of energy, there were parts that dampened the mood. In the middle of his set he started singing. O_O. I know that he sings the hook on several of his songs, but the fact that he chose to sing for what seemed like hours was disconcerting. He even closed his eyes as if he was belting out Mariah Carey notes. In the future he should probably skip that part.

Though the headliner of the day was Pearl Jam, most people in the group were uninterested so we left. we heard later that Jay Z came out and performed “99 Problems” with the band. After watching the video, I was sad that we left, but life happens.

All in all, we had an awesome weekend and I would recommend that people attend next year if they repeat it.

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