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Santigold: Master of My Make-Believe

i. love. music. I am constantly listening to music from the moment I wake up in the morning to when my eyes close at night. When traveling, whether walking to work, taking a train across country or flying, one thing you will always notice is me bobbing my head.

I am very happy to have finally listened to new music from Sanitgold (formally Santogold). As her real name is Santi, it makes sense that she dropped the o for an i. My best friend loves Santi’s music and introduced me to Stiffed when we were still in undergrad. Santi was the lead singer of that punk rock band. I loved their music then and still love it now, you should look them up on youtube. Post Stiffed, Santi rebranded her image and became Santogold and had great success with the self-titled album. Definitely worth a listen if you aren’t familiar. I knew this new album was in the works and was released in April, but it was only Monday morning that I finally took a listen after a friend posted an instagram picture.

Since yesterday morning I have been unable to stop listening to Master of My Make-Believe. When was the last time you could listen to an ENTIRE album all the way through without skipping a single song? I cannot remember, personally. From the first track, you are immediately hypnotized by the drums and the clear African influences. The musical composition is a mishmash of complex rhythms, electronic riffs and percussion that speak to your hips, all of which blend perfectly together. I think I would qualify this as genius.

This is not music to be listened to with crappy headphones, grab some over-sized Bose noise canceling headphones and give your ears a treat. This is also amazing music for a run as it makes you feel so alive. I cannot even pick a favorite track because I love them all. Perhaps in a few days after the initial shock of the awesomeness of the album I will be able to pick one, until then go buy the album and let me know how it makes you feel! Since I am listening to it now, I am going to end this post and get up and dance!

And if you really want to move your hips…

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