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Things I learned on a looooong road trip

Last July/August, I embarked on a road trip with a Australian friend. The trip included nine states in 12 days, with about 8 hours of driving time per day. Being on a road trip and being put into situations that force you to do things you would never do really help you to learn things about yourself. As a result I’ve decided to compile a list of things that I learned about myself on my road trip.

  1. My depth perception and ability to drive at night is slowly decreasing. Must be the old age.
  2. I find it extremely necessary to take one shower in every 24 hour period.
  3. I don’t like sleeping in cars beyond short naps while someone else is driving.
  4. When I get upset it causes extreme tension in my shoulder blades. Its very very painful.
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  1. love the blog! Question for you since you look like you know what you are doing- I am also keeping a blog for the scholarship I received. I find that blogspot doesn't have a whole range of background and templates that I like but it seems like you have managed to make your own. How did you do that? coaching appreciated 🙂

  2. haha nice! May ask the BF to make mine snazzy like yours since he is all techy. Can't believe you are leaving so soon. If you have time in the craziness of wrapping up we should grab coffee or something. x

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