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Biking in Central Park

My good friend Crystal and I decided to be tourists during my stay, so we decided to spend the day biking in Central Park.  Crystal, another friend Cat, and I rented the bikes for two hours and it was $20. The adventure was worth every penny of it. While it was a bit tricky getting from the rental place to the park, while dodging traffic, we had a map in hand and were on our way. We decided to ride around the entire park.

It was a gorgeous day outside so of course there were loads of people, bikers, children, concert goers, tourists, and NYCers just enjoying the day. The whole ride took about an hour and a half. We paced ourselves, stopped to take pictures, rested, and took in a couple of the sites. There were a couple hills that I would describe as annoying as opposed to challenging but all in all it was an awesome couple of hours.

Advice for anyone that is going to rent bikes and take a tour of central park, I would suggest that you try to find a rental place as close to the park as possible so that you don’t have to dodge traffic getting to the park. There are loads of people with bike rental signs near the entrance of the park off of Columbus Circle.

Enjoy the ride!


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