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In 2010, following the completion of my graduate studies, I moved to Benin with my then boyfriend because I could not find a job and he had secured an internship in the country. We lived in Dassa Zoume which was about 200km north of the capital, Cotonou. While Benin is hardly one of my favorite countries, after nearly six months of living there, we discovered some pretty cool places. 

november 2010

First Time Visited

lived here 5 months

Times Visited

cotonou, grand popo, ganvie, dassa-zoume

Cities visited


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What to see


Grande Marche

This is an international market that with stalls after stalls of vendors. Bring cash and prepare to barter.


Voodoo Festival

The festival commemorates the 60 million people who lost their homes and freedom during the African slave trade.



A town entirely built on stilts, Ganvie is a fishing village sitting on the north end of Lake Nokoue, not far from Cotonou.

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