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Things I won’t miss about living in rural Benin

  1. Risking my life daily by riding on the back of motorcycles, sans helmet.
  2. Bugs. Bugs that bite. Bugs that just crawl. And bugs that interrupt my meals.
  3. Boredom.
  4. 90F (32C)+ days without air conditioning.
  5. Laying in the bed, 6 hours per day, AWAKE.
  6. Rarely having a complete understanding of everything going on around me.
  7. Watching people piss on the side of the road (men, women and children)
  8. Seeing kids who have no money to eat lunch at school.
  9. Bad wine.
  10. Dial up internet
  11. An inability to verbally communicate with friends and family on a regular basis.
  12. Not caring about what I look like when I leave the house.
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