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Things that I am longing for

A few of the things that I have been missing since I have been in Benin.

  1. Manicures and pedicures. In London, I painted my nails fun colors every week and once spring and summer (read: eternal fall in London) I got weekly pedicures. Since I have been in Benin my nails have not been painted once and the only attention my toes get is a clipping ever now and again.
  2. Turkey products. I miss turkey bacon, turkey burgers, ground turkey, all things turkey.
  3. Hot showers. While I will admit that the showers are not as painful as they once were I can’t wait to take a steaming hot shower!!!
  4. Cooler temperatures. I am not excited about the possibility of visiting Detroit while it is still buried under snow but this 90 degree weather without air conditioning gets old, fast!
  5. A social life. While I love the Italian and am super happy to have spent so many months living and working together,  minimal contact with other people in a social setting has been a bit daunting. When our friend Hana came to visit from Senegal it became clear that I wanted to get back to being the social butterfly that I am.
  6. Varied food. If you read my blog regularly you would know that I eat the same thing for lunch six times per week and generally for dinner it is the same as well. I may never eat rice and chicken again! I am longing for a roast beef sandwich, a huge pizza, and a fresh salad, amongst other things.

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