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Nicaragua was the last Central American country that I visited and I truly enjoyed my time spent there. Though I did not travel outside of Leon, when tacked on to another country or two, I felt that Leon was sufficient. From discussions that I have had with other people regarding other parts of Nicaragua, you can certainly dedicate a full five to seven day trip to this country alone. #catchmeinnicaragua

october 2017

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november - april

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Cerro Negro

Cerro Negro is about a 45 minute outside of Leon and was made famous by the advent of volcano boarding. After about a 45 minute hike to the top you put on your cover up, lay down your board and hold on tight.



León, the second largest city in Nicaragua, is a relatively sleepy town that boasts the colorful remnants of Spanish colonism. It is a very walkable town, whose small size lends itself to self-guided walking tours.


Top of Cathedral of León

Opened in 1810, the Cathedral of León is the largest in Central America. Its massive size make it hard to miss. On a clear day, be sure to do a tour of the rooftop which allows great views of the city below.

Instagrammable spots

CerroNegro – CMIYC

Cerro Negro


VolcanoBoarding – CMIYC

Volcano Boarding


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