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el salvador

I visited El Salvador as part of a four country trip in Central America. From Antigua, I took a five hour bus directly to El Tunco which is a beach town on the Pacific Ocean. The views from El Tunco and the surrounding area are stunning. Though I am one that prefers white sand beaches, the black sand beaches were beautiful. El Tunco is known for its surfing, and because I was short on time I did not get to try out the waves. I did get a chance to hop in the ocean and the temperature was perfect, not too hot, not too cold. All in all, though my time in El Salvador was brief I would put it as 7 of 7 of the countries in Central America. So if you’ve not been to the other six I would not recommend El Salvador, unless you are a surfer. #catchmeinelsalvador

october 2017

First Time Visited


Times Visited

el tunco

Cities visited

if you are a surfer

Should I visit?


How many days should I spend?

november - april

When should I visit?

What to eat

El Salvador Seafood


El Salvador has a very long coastline, 190 miles, so seafood is a no brainer here. I had a delicious lobster cooked in a garlic sauce when I touched down.

Papusas CMIYC


While I did not fall in love with papusas during my time in El Salvador, I think that I am the only one. Everyone that I have ever met loves papusas, so they are certainly worth a try.

What to see

Black Sand Beach El Salvador

Black Sand Beaches

With a coastline of 190 miles, El Salvador has many beaches. The best beaches are in La Libertad, with El Tunco being the beach most popular with surfers and backpackers. The black sand seems to sparkle in the sun.

Instagrammable spots

Cliffs of El Tunco – CMIYC

Cliffs Above the Pacific


Sunset on El Tunco – CMIYC

The Beach


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  1. I am sad you didnt get to experience other opportunities in El Salvador. You need to come back to experience it again and you will realize it will go up in your charts. Blessings.

    1. Hi Albert!

      Yes, unfortunately there is so much to see in every country that I visit and so hard to see it all! I hope I can visit again in the future.

  2. I don’t think those are the best beach, I’d put Las Flores or El Cuco higher because nit everyone is a surfer. The beaches I mentioned have milder but fun waves to play with. I don’t think you can make a fair assessment having only visited El Tunco.

    1. Hi Lena,

      Thanks so much for your comment. Any place that I visit and talk about my blog I make an assessment based on what I have experienced. I do not profess to know everything about every country. That would be impossible. Thank you for sharing your favorite places in Ecuador!


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