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The Ultimate Travel Holiday Gift Guide


As you can imagine, with all the traveling that I do, I have some staples that I do not leave home without and I am sharing these with you today! I hope you love them. Be sure to tell me what your favorites are in the comment section. 


I have become a master packer over the last two years, largely because I realized that I do not need ten pairs of shoes for a two week trip. The below items are what I have tested on the road and have come out on top after A LOT of trial and error. I wasted money trying out different bags and suitcases so you don’t have to!

flight001 spacepaks

You will never catch my suitcase with these bags in them. I love these in particular because they compress your clothes and they are double-sided so that you can separate clean clothes from dirty clothes, GENIUS. 


If I am traveling for three weeks or less, I prefer to travel only with a carry-on and the Away Bigger Carry on (coupled with the Flight001 Spacepaks) makes that possible. Honestly, for the last two years, this is the only carry on bag that I have used and it is the perfect size and weight. Plus the wheels roll very well on any surface, trust me, this is a big deal, not all wheels are created equal. And of course you get the charger as well, which is useful while connected to your bag and ejectable so that you can always have a charger with you!

samsonite luggage flite upright 31 travel bag

I have gone through so many big suitcases that cannot survive the amount of travel that I do, that was until I stumbled upon the Samsonite Luggage Flite Upright 31’ Suitcase. This suitcase can take a beating and I haven’t even seen it get dented! It holds a massive amount of things, though be careful with the weight. You may be tempted to fit 100 pounds in this. I own two of these and they are my ride or die for extended travel. 

Lo & Sons OG Bag

This bag is the G.O.A.T. Perfect size. Laptop pocket. Loads of pockets for random stuff. Fits everything that I will need at my seat when traveling. I have using this bag for over three years. 


I have tried out a number of different toiletry bags. I love this one from Flight001 because it is big enough to hold all of my toiletries and it has different compartments. My favorite feature is the hook. I always hang it up in the bathroom while getting settled into my hotel room.



I am a Canon girl and had been flirting with the idea of switching to a Sony because of the weight, but then Canon came and dropped their new Mirrorless Camera. I am in love, mostly because it is lightweight and I still get the quality of Canon, which I have been using since 2005. My go to lens for travel is a 24 – 70mm or 24 – 105. A 50mm is always good for portraits. If you already have several lenses, like me, you can buy the adapter. I am using it now and it works well. 


This drone is life changing, not only for my travel content, but being able to get a bird’s eye view of every place that I visit has been amazing and something I could’ve never imagined. It changes my entire travel experience honestly. The best part of the Mavic Air is that it is super small, lightweight and easy to operate. Be sure to get extra batteries because each charge only lasts 20 minutes. 


I MUST have noise-canceling headphones when I travel, mostly to block out the screams of crying children but also to play Einaudi which is my go to artists when I am looking to fall into a deep sleep. I love these Bose because they fit comfortably on my ears and they do not take long to recharge. Plus the carrying case comes with everything that you need to take them from wireless bluetooth to airplane compatible. 


The Flight001 5-in-1 Adapter is an OG in the travel game. I love it because it is compact and covers you in over 150 countries. I never leave home without it. 



As a country counter, keeping up with where i have been is one of my favorite things to do. A friend of mine gifted me with a scratch map back in 2012 and I fell in love with it. They have become much more popular in recent years and I recently bought my mother one so that she can keep up with my travels. 
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