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Five Things to Do in Cuba


On the road from the airport to Central Havana

This week’s announcement of American Airlines flights from the US to Cuba, all ports EXCEPT Havana, has the internet abuzz and the preverbal credit card swiping across the country. For many Americans, Cuba is unchartered territory being that the US government forbade travel to Cuba for tourism 53 years ago. In fact, though diplomatic tensions have been eased, tourism is still banned as it is not one of 12 reasons that the US Government allows its citizens to visit a neighbor that is less than 100 miles from our shores.

With that being said, I visited Cuba last month for journalistic reasons and below I have listed five things to do in Cuba on your first visit.

1. Roam the streets of Old Havana


Habana Vieja or Old Havana is as enchanting in person as it is in pictures. Roaming the streets of the city will leave you picturing the olden days when the now rotting buildings were newly built and Ernest Hemingway enjoyed mojitos at La Bodeguita del Medio. A key to enjoying the day is to just go with the flow and turn down random streets. The beautiful people of Cuba are very kind and it will allow you a chance to brush up on your Spanish.





2. Take a ride in a vintage American car


In all of the pictures you’ve seen of Cuba, one thing that is always present are the old American cars. Riding around Havana and along the Malecon in one of these will make you feel as if you’re going back in time. It is easy to get a ride whether you are doing a city tour in a well maintained convertible or flagging down a taxi for a quick ride to dinner. They also make for great props in what will be your “I was in Cuba” picture! Warning: many of them do not have air conditioning so prepare for a hot ride!

Vintage Cuban Car

Riding in Vintage Car Cuba

Blue Vintage Car Cuba

Vintage Cars in Cuba

3. Have dinner at La Guarida

La Guarida

Havana has many delicious restaurants to choose from and La Guarida is one of the top choices. Nestled on the third floor of a beautiful yet aged multifamily building in Old Havana. The food and atmosphere is absolutely exquisite so whether you choose to have a drink at sunset at their rooftop bar or enjoy the extensive menu for a special meal in the capital La Guarida is the perfect choice. I recommend the tuna tartare appetizer and beef tenderloin entree.

Rooftop at La Guarida

DSC_1432 (1)

The perfect place to celebrate special occasions

4. Cigars and Havana Club


Havana Club rum and freshly hand-rolled cigars, what more do you need? While in Cuba my blood was filled with Havana Club, a national staple that is cheap and delicious. Whether you choose to sip an aged rum or top off a mojito on the beach, Havana Club is a great option. To go to Cuba and not smoke a cigar seems to be a crime, be sure to take at least one puff. And to go one step further, take a trip to Vinales and visit a small tobacco farm to learn how cigars are made first hand.

Mojitos on the Malecon

Mojitos on the Malecon

Hand rolled Cuba cigars

Handrolled Cuba cigars

Cuban cigars

Making Cuban cigars

Dried Tobacco

Dried Tobacco

5. Enjoy the beach

Playa Santa Maria

Playa Santa Maria

Cuba, first and foremost, is a Caribbean island so that means enjoy the beautiful and warm waters of the Caribbean sea! If you are looking for a beach close to Havana, Playa Santa Maria is beautiful and filled with local people, for now. Just a short 20 minute drive from Central Havana it easily makes for a great day trip.


Have you been to Cuba before? What do you recommend?

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  1. Found this blog today thanks to Blogosphere Mag and Ilove it so much ! I’m planning to go to Havana next year with the WInd Collective tours and really can’t wiat. I think Salsa dancing is also part of the itinery !

    Susan, Books, Etc

  2. Besides the 12 US government reasons to travel to Cuba do you need to apply for that Visa prior to the trip? I have been trying to do some research and it is still unclear to me. Thank you in advance for a reply!

  3. I went to Cuba in May. I had an amazing time. I highly recommend La Paila Fonda restaurant (downtown). The food is absolutely delicious!

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