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5 Countries to Visit Where the Dollar is Strong


The streets of Cartagena

During the past year we have seen the dollar become much stronger against other currencies. While for some this means a bump in the value of varied investments, for me it means that traveling to some amazing destinations is now even more obtainable. If you were putting off that trip to France, Colombia or Brazil, now is the time! Run to your boss’s office, put in you request for leave, book your flight and go!

United Kingdom


London’s Tower Bridge

1 USD = 0.71 GBP
The first time that I went to London as an adult was in 2007 and at the time the exchange rate was 1 USD = 0.48. Essentially the dollar was only worth 50% of the pound. So my spending was a bit painful at the time. While the pound still stands fairly strong against the dollar, the United Kingdom is cheaper than they have been in recent times for American travelers. The increase in low cost European airlines that are operating flights to/from the US now has forced major American carriers to bring down costs as well. So sign up for those flight deals and put London, Edinburgh and Belfast on your list.

The Eurozone – 19 Countries to Choose From


Sunset on Mykonos

1 USD = 0.88 EUR
For the last year, the dollar has been showing its muscle against the Euro. This glorious exchange rate has led to countries using the Euro to be cheaper for Americans than they have ever been. That means more pizza, wine and leather goods from Italy; more baguettes, champagne and silk scarves from France; and more island hopping, yogurt and gyros from Greece. The recent terror attacks in Belgium have led to a decline in tourism for the time being and this is usually followed by a reduction in the cost of flights and hotels. So the next two months will be a great time to visit much of Western Europe.



1 USD = 3.67 BRL
Brazil is one country that does not disappoint. Between the beautiful beaches, the beautiful people, the delicious food and rich culture, Brazil should be at the top of any traveler’s list. Hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics has only intensified Brazil’s popularity. The favorable exchange means that churrascarias, caipirinhas and capoeira lessons will be very affordable for American travelers. And from June 1 – September 18, Brazil is lifting the visa requirement which will save you the $160 visa fee!



The beaches of Puerto Vallarta

1 USD = 17.68 MXN
Mexico is one of the best vacations to take from the US. From all major cities you can find cheap flights to a number of Mexican cities. You can choose between the beaches of Tulum or Cabo or take an urban escape to Mexico City, either choice will be reachable in under four hours from most major American cities. With the dollar holding strong against the peso, now is the time to splurge on a five star resort and sit back and drink all the tequila that your pesos can buy!



Cartagena’s Plaza Santo Domingo

1 USD = 3076 COP
Colombia has been at the top of many 2016 travel lists and for good reason. Having shaken their violent image, Medellin, Bogota and Cartagena are booming cities with great art, food and culture. With beautiful boutique hotels and restaurants to explore, your dollar can go further in this beautiful nation that it has in recent years. Flights in recent months have been under $300 from most US cities.

Where do you want to spend your dollars?

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