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5 Luxury Vacations for Your Powerball Winnings

Tonight is the big drawing to determine if you will take home the record breaking Powerball winnings. At more than $1.3 billion I am sure that millions of us have been dreaming about what we would do with our millions. I for one, as expected, fully intend to spend the money on luxury travel. Though I am claiming the win, I have put together a list of suggestions if you too happen to come into several hundred million dollars. From private islands to private jets to exclusive first class commercial travel this list is sure to have you daydreaming about your millions.

The Seychelles – North Island Resort

North Island - 1

The Seychelles in an African archipelago of over 100 islands, located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa. The idyllic islands are known for their pristine beaches, bountiful coral reefs, world class diving and rare wildlife. But more importantly, the Seychelles is where millionaires, billionaires and royalty vacation. In fact, Prince William and Princess Kate honeymooned on the famed North Island. If you are looking for a luxe beach vacation with your new earnings look no further than the private island resort. If its good enough for a princess, its good enough for me! Be sure to book the uber private Villa North Island. With rates starting at $5,212 per person, per night those extra millions will come in handy. If you are feeling generous you can invite 20 of your friends to occupy the other ten villas at the resort. These villas will only set you back $3,312 per friend, per night. Choose wisely.

North Island - 2

North Island - 3

Four Seasons Private Jet Experience

Four Seasons - 1

The epitome of luxury is traveling about the world on a private jet and what better brand to travel with than the Four Seasons, one of the world’s foremost luxury lodging brands. There are four Around the World adventures that you can choose from spanning multiple continents, countries and cities. The trips range between 24 and 25 days depending on your selection. My favorite itinerary is definitely the International Intrigue which takes you on a 24-day journey across four continents, eight countries, and nine cities. From Tokyo to the Maldives to the Serengeti, this is bound to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This exclusive experience comes with a price tag of $132,000 per person, based on double occupancy. If you are traveling alone (which would be very stingy of you) you need to add another $11,000.

Four Seasons - 2

Four Season - 3

Four Seasons Serengeti

Four Seasons - 4

Four Seasons Maldives

A Night in the World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suite


When you have several hundred million dollars you must splurge! What is the point of all of that money otherwise? What better to spend your money on than a night in the world’s most expensive hotel suite which is of course located in Geneva, Switzerland, one of the world’s most expensive city. The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson is the epitome of opulence spread between 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and across 18,000 square feet. The suite which features unobstructed views of Lake Geneva and the Alps has played host to Bill Clinton, the King of Saudi Arabia and Michael Jackson. The room is one of only three in the world that has a 103-inch television. I wonder if my Netflix account would work in Switzerland. The bathrooms are of course adorned with marble and the bath products are from luxury brand, Hermes. You can call your personal chef and butler to set up a sunset dinner on the private balcony. Be sure to pair it with a vintage Dom Perignon. This stay in the lap of luxury will set you back about $60,000 per night.


Hotel-President-Wilson-Balkon-lux1274ag116228 (1)

A Ride in Etihad Airways’ Three Room Suite


Sometimes it isn’t where you go it’s how you get there. With your winnings you can of course afford to hire or even buy your own private jet, but if you decide to fly commercial I believe there is only one option, Etihad Airways. If anyone knows how to do luxury, it is the oil magnates of the Middle East, which is why the Middle Eastern airlines are the most opulent. The leader of the pack is no doubt Etihad which solidified its position with the introduction of The Residence, a three room suite in the sky. This crowning glory aboard the A380 can be occupied by two and has a living room, bedroom and private bathroom with shower. Where else would you want to spend your earnings? A return trip between NYC and Abu Dhabi will cost $64,000.



Party Like a Rockstar in St. Barth’s


Saint Barthélemy or St. Barth’s as it is commonly referred is a French overseas territory in the Caribbean that has long been a favorite of the rich and famous. New Year’s and summertime parties are littered with the who’s who from New York to Paris to Riyadh. There are plenty of options for lodging in St. Barth’s and one favorite is Villa Rockstar at Eden Rock Hotel. In building the opulently, luxurious 16,000 square foot property, no expense was spared. The biggest draws are definitely the Whiskey Bar which boasts 40 different whiskeys and a state-of-the-art recording studio and screening room. This would be a great place to celebrate your winnings with 10 of your closest friends and family. A stay in these accommodations fit for a Rock Star will run you about $27,000 per night.



So if you win the jackpot where will you be vacationing?

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