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Gifts for the Traveler in the Family

Christmas is rapidly approaching and as a 31-year-old nomad I can say there are very few things that I am interested in receiving as a gift at this point in life. Because travel is such a big part of my life and I do not currently have a home I am only interested in practical gifts. If you have a frequent traveler in your family, I assure you that one of these gifts would be well received.

Below are five of my travel staples. If you are looking for gifts for the traveler in your family, this list is a good place to start.

Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter: $25

Whenever I head out of the country I always go through my electronics box, frantically searching for the right adapter. Usually this search is preceded by a google search to ensure that I take the appropriate adapter. The Flight 001 Adapter is perfection. With four plugs that cover over 150 countries, this compact adapter stays in my travel bag all of the time. No more carrying three different bulky adapters and wasting time searching for the appropriate adapter, snag the traveler in your family one of these adapters.

Flight 001 Seat Pak: $28

The Seat Pak in use

The Seat Pak in use

Another Flight 001 product that is permanent staple in my carry on is their Seat Pak. The bag is designed to hold all of your essentials for your flight. There are four pockets which can perfectly hold credit cards, currency, your passport, a pen, hand sanitizer, mints and any other knickknacks you made need during your flight without having to go back into the overhead bin.

eBags TLS Professional Weenkender: $134.99


I am an avid traveler, a nomad even, but i am no backpacker. I hate the way that backpacker, backpacks look, I don’t care how practical and ergonomically correct they are. When I was planning my three weeks of travel in southeast Asia, I knew that I would need a backpack of some sort, but I wanted something easy on the eyes that could fulfill my needs. After weeks of scouring the internet and buying two bags, just to return the loser, the eBags TLS Professional Weekender came out on top. With more pockets than I know what to do with, the backpack is perfect for carrying all of my electronics, books, magazines, knickknacks and even an outfit or two. The bag was a great companion while I was in SE Asia and it is now always with me when I am traveling for more than a week.

Packing Cubes: Sets Starting at $14.99


A friend introduced me to packing cubes a couple of months ago and I wondered how I ever lived with out them. They come in several different sizes which easily allows you to separate your pants from your shirts and underwear from your sweaters. bags offers a variety of sizes and colors depending or your needs and preferences. Packing cubes have revolutionized the way I pack and manage my belongings while traveling. I recommend the eBags packing cubes.

Scratch Map: $28.95


This is the ultimate affordable gift for the traveler in your family. The avid traveler will love to have this scratch map posted in his or home as a way to easily show off his or her travels and keep track of where they’ve been.

Coordinates Collection Bracelets: Starting at $125


For the chic traveler in your family, Coordinates Collection bracelets are the perfect gift. These simple yet beautiful bracelets come engraved with latitude and longitudes of any place on earth and you can also engrave the inside of the bracelet. With offerings in a variety of metals and price ranges, you should be able to easily select one that is perfect for your favorite traveler. Even while in between trips, the traveler in your family can always look down at their Coordinates Collection bracelet and think of their favorite place.

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  1. Recently, 5/28/18, you touted F1 Spacepak travel bags. I am curious, which do you prefer, F1 Spacpaks or the Ebags travel bags?

    1. Hello Patricia,

      Thanks so much for your question. This post is nearly three years old. I would always suggest that you use the most recent information that I am providing on any given platform. I live and die by Flight 001 Spacepaks. They are the only ones that I use. Hope that helps!


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