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Travel Tip: Bold Lips from AJ Crimson

When it comes to makeup I like to keep it simple. I’ve got my five minute face down to a science and that’s for when I’m going to a black tie event. When I travel I need something even simpler and when it is blazing hot outside that means the bare minimum: a bold lip (and maybe eye liner if I’m feeling fancy).

I have used a few of the same colors for years including Mac’s Cyber, Rebel and of course Ruby Woo. I was happy with my three color rotation and had gotten used to the compliments that wearing them came with. A few months ago I was introduced to AJ Crimson’s makeup, more specifically his lipsticks, and life changed, dramatically.


I purchased two colors at a makeup show and never looked back. I absolutely love the colors in the S + M (Sultry and Matte) Collection because not only are they bright and bold which is perfect for my travels and Instagram pictures but I really like the way they feel on my lips. I would compare the texture to the Mac Satin line. They go on smooth and bright and they don’t dry out. The other thing I love is that the colors are long lasting, but they don’t stain your lips.

I recently had the chance to review a few more colors from the collection. I enlisted my friend to take a few pictures for me while my lips played dress up! I have some stand out favorites and one disappointment but overall I think I have found my new keepsake colors.

Fact: Crimson Rose > Ruby Woo

My absolute favorite color from this line is by far Crimson Rose. When I first started wearing red lipstick, I, like many other women, was instantly pointed to Mac’s Ruby Woo. While I love Ruby Woo, it is very drying and I was constantly applying lip balm to save my lips which reduced the intended matte look of Ruby Woo.

Crimson Rose offers a similar bright red that go on easily with only a few strokes, stays on and doesn’t dry and I still get the matte look that I love.

No Explanation is my second favorite out of the bunch; the dark color is a fall staple. This has replaced Cyber in my lipstick rotation. I love the texture and the deep color.

Round Two surprised me and became one of my favorites. I never thought that I would wear a lipstick this bright on a regular basis, but I love it. It is a unique color that adds a little character to my outfit. I especially like to wear it if I am wearing all black.

If you are looking for a bold color, this is it. I really like the way the color looks on me on film, but I am not sure I can rock in my everyday life. I absolutely love the texture and the deepness of the pigment. This color is perfect for a photoshoot and those who are boldly confident. I think it is great for fall.

I think for many people Bondage would be considered a nude color, whereas on me it reads more as a light pink. I like the color and the texture of the lipstick but this one leaves me a bit hesitant. I might take it out for a spin and see how people react.

Chasing Saturday is for the bold amongst us. This was my least favorite of the bunch. It is too bright for me personally and the texture is slightly different from the other colors that I fell in love with, but if you dare run out and Chase Saturday!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram – @jnambowa – as I explore Colombia and showcase my favorite colors as I travel.

If you love lipsticks as much as I do be sure to head over to and use code: CatchMe for a 25% discount on your purchases.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks before? What is your favorite color?

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