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The Service 1921 Restaurant at Anatara Chiang Mai

Listed as one of Chiang Mai’s top luxury hotels, Anatara Chiang Mai Resort and Spa was a simple and perfect choice for lunch on a sweltering afternoon in Thailand’s northern urban haven.

As soon as I walked in Anatara, I fell in love with the modern and clean designs that filled the lobby. The use of wood coupled with water features and stones gives the hotel a fluid feel as you leave the lobby and walk towards the restaurant. The perfectly manicured grounds and contemporary architecture affirm why this hotel is considered one of the best.


The hotel


The view of the lobby from the courtyard


The pool area


Outdoor sitting for the Restaurant


Inside the lobby

The restaurant, the Service 1921, sits in the middle of the property. Opened in 1921 as the British Consulate of Chiang Mai, the restaurant still bears its colonial features. According to their website, “The Service 1921 reimagines this colonial era in an eccentric and fictitious reinvention of the British government’s secret intelligence service.”

The restaurant offers a variety of cuisines including Thai and Indian that are presented to you in an envelope as part of your “mission.” It is a really cute concept. Prat ordered Indian food while I opted for Thai. There is also a very extensive cocktail menu. I went with a concoction called the Passion Sling, simply because it had passionfruit.

Prat ordered the Pomelo Salad for me because he said I had to try it and I fell in love! I was scraping the bottom of the bowl! Be sure to order it. Pomelo is from the grapefruit family and is quite common in the region. I would steer clear of the Pad Thai. It was a bit bland and left a lot to be desired. The mutton curry and naan that Prat ordered was good as was the complimentary appetizer – rice cakes served with a peanut-based spread – from the chef. Overall, the food at the Service 1921 Restaurant is good, not great, but the service and atmosphere more than make up for the average flavors.

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