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How much wood, would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

I have been quiet for a few weeks largely because I have been in my own little world contemplating life. I am slowly but surely coming up for air and I am thus announcing another contest. The last contest did not have a winner but I am confident that this one will!

Between April 30th and June 30th I will be doing an extensive amount of travel across oceans and seas, largely in celebration of my 30th birthday, but also to spend some time with family and friends who I do not get to see enough.

As a nod to my travel and love of photography, I am offering Steve McCurry’s coffee table book that I purchased at an exhibition in Rome. McCurry is mostly known for capturing the stunning portrait of the Afghan girl but most of his work is equally amazing.

Now that you know the prize, what is the contest??

Similar to my first contest, participants should guess how many flights I will take in this two month period. I do not yet know the answer as I have not purchased all of the flights, so your guess is as good as mine. You will have until Apil 28th to place your guess in the comments section here or on Instagram (@jnambowa). The winner will be announced on June 30th.


07 – @hunnibre
07 – B
09 – @nuitciel
09 – @christinejuarbe
10 – Aja
10 – @iwantahotdog
12 – @whitesideg83
12 – @serenajanine
12 – @jessiejames817
12 – @mallit313
13 – @fattymcnastee
14 – @takalhoney
14 – @onwoke
15 – @cincodejulio
15 – Dammy A.
16 – @ex_idolater
16 – @mocha313
16 – @themodernvoyager
17 – @sydniography
17 – @elliottrclopton
18 – @chocolatesunshyne
19 – @kirby_comedy
19 – @muchmoorethanu
20 – @lbvdesigns
21 – @xiosmall
22 – @dgk15
23 – @jessjjack
28 – @naturalgem82
37 – @iwantahotdogtoo

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