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What to Wear When Traveling

Since I spend a ridiculous amount of time in airports and on planes, I have clear ideas about what to wear when traveling. Sometimes my outfit choice depends on where I am going, how long the flight is, and whether or not I am doing something as soon as I land. Below I have listed some key points when deciding on an outfit for the skies.

  1. Make sure you choose comfortable clothes, especially for long haul flights. Blood circulation is important when flying so the looser the better. I usually go for leggings, maxi dresses, linen pants or loose jeans.
  2. Make sure you will be warm. I for one am always cold and often turn off the overhead vents on all three seats before my seat mates arrive. I always travel with at least a scarf and often add a light jacket and socks to the mix. If you fly economy domestically, you have to bat your eyes to get a blanket, but on international flights you are usually covered!
  3. Make sure you look good. Millions of people are flying in and out of airports across the world, some are traveling for business, some for pleasure. Some are first time flyers and some are frequent flyers. No matter who they are, you are bound to talk to some of them. You never know who you will meet so make sure to always put your best foot forward! For me this generally includes light makeup and a comfortable pair of heels (for full disclosure: I had to run to a plane one time in DTW and just as I was almost at the end of the jetway, I took a tumble in my four inch wedges. It was not one of my finer moments. Be careful!)

This is me an SFO bathroom, heading to DTW
Scarf: Purchased in Oman
Shirt: Handmade by a designer at Super!Market in Soho
Shoes: J. Crew

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