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My Favorite Beaches

So I have traveled to loads of places around the world and my favorite place still remains a perfect beach. Below I share my favorites.

Roatán, Hondurus

The most amazing beach that I have ever been to was on the island of Roatan, which is off the coast of Honduras. While celebrating Elton’s birthday we randomly stumbled upon this haven. We went snorkeling in the clear waters and swam with fish of all colors against the underwater backdrop of corral reefs. If you haven’t been I highly recommend a trip. A few shots courtesy of Elton (All other pictures are taken by me!)

Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily

Castellammare del Golfo in the western part of Sicily. In July, my friend Katie and I headed south of Rome to the beautiful island of Sicily. We ended up in Castellammare del Golfo by chance, as we got an amazing deal on Groupon for a villa in this gorgeous town. The beach was amazing and was a nice relief from the blazing Italian sun. There were loads of hills from where we could get amazing views of the coast. Just thinking of it makes me long for another weekend in this paradise.

Mykonos, Greece

Paradise beach of Mykonos, Greece; yet, another random trip with a friend that is as spontaneous as me. At the beginning of August I found my self island hopping around Greece and I am glad that we ended up in Mykonos. The water was the perfect temperature and I could see the bright blue paint on my toes when I was up to my shoulders in the water. Not only were the beaches amazing but it had one of the most beautiful sunsets that I’ve ever seen!

Honorable Mentions

I feel that I needed to add two honorable mentions. The first is South Beach, though there aren’t any mountains the blue clear waters of south Florida provide the backdrop of one of my favorite US vacation spots. The second honorable mention is a small beach that I went to in Fiji at Wananavu Beach Resort. Though the water wasn’t the gorgeous blue that I was expecting it was super clear and there were hot pink and royal blue starfish inside!

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