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Where Am I


The view from the top (12,389ft or 3,777m to be exact): Sunrise as seen from the peak of Mt. Fuji. August 2008

The number one question that I get when communicating with people on facebook, twitter or email is “where are you?” This has been pretty consistent since I left Japan in February 2009. After leaving Japan, I set out on a seven month adventure which included Australia, Fiji, Honduras, and Costa Rica among others. While studying in London between October 2009 and August 2010, I was particularly restless, bringing my country count to 30 (Benin made number 31!)

Now as I sit on a plane to Madrid, after a brief stay in Rome I have to ask myself, where am I? I seem to be in a sort of global limbo. Not knowing my next move, not knowing where I will spend the next holidays, it is unsettling to say the least. My life is full of skymiles, security lines, check-ins, foreign subways, foreign languages, and long gazes out of windows as I traverse across continents. With the Italian heading to Kenya on the 31st and me heading to…. I feel now more than ever restless yet wanting to stand still.

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