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9 Reasons Why I Love Italy

I had the pleasure of spending three weeks in Italy with my boyfriend prior to our move to Benin. I have always been in love with the idea of Italy, but only traveled to the country once this summer. I spent three days in Rome and it was a total disaster, so this three week stint was much anticipated. I spent two weeks in Napoli (the home of the bf) and we traveled to Rome, through Tuscany (Siena, Pienza, Firenze (Florence) and a few other places) and Bologna. The trip was amazing and Italy was a great choice to spend my last three weeks in the western world.

Why I Love Italy

  1. I have completely fallen in love with scooters. I will be buying a Vespa when I move to Italy πŸ™‚
  2. Pizza!! Being in the birthplace of pizza, Napoli to be exact, has been a gift from the heavens. If you consider yourself a foodie be sure to visit Il Pizzaiolo Del Presidente. Super yummy pizza for five euros. Even Bill Clinton has eaten there!
  3. Tiramisu and gelato. Need I say more?
  4. Cafe also known as coffee or espresso. I really just love the idea of espresso after a meal, but I have to have mine with two tiny spoons of sugar and latte (milk)
  5. My bf’s hilarious Italian friends who do not speak much English, but manage to make loads of joke with few English words.
  6. Awesome Italian mothers who work and cook full meals twice per day.
  7. Wine at lunch without awkward stares. πŸ™‚
  8. Limoncello: a yummy liquor treat to help with post dinner digestion.
  9. Siestas and the easy work life. I am still taken aback by the fact that some businesses close in the middle of the day for three hours but I can appreciate their lifestyle.

Here is a picture of me in Pienza, in front of a home that I wouldn’t mind buying.

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