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Are you sure that weighs 73 pounds?

So one day I was reading an online article about airline travel. I don’t remember what site it was on but I do remember the subject: baggage weight. If you are like me and have a hard time discerning your favorite outfits, from necessary outfits when traveling then you too probably have to check a bag. Since airlines have really become less travel friendly, not only have baggage fees been introduced on your first piece of luggage, but long gone are the days of having a 70 pound allowance on transatlantic flights, unless you fly first class of course.

Many articles and blogs that I read were telling tales of how scales at airports are often malcalibrated, meaning that they artificially add more weight to your bag. I know that I spend a lot of my time arguing, begging and pleading with airlines, not to charge me for the extra weight and sometimes I have felt like my bags weren’t overweight, though this could all be in my imagination. Needless to say, I have wasted a lot of tears and time in airports transferring contents of my luggage between bags and into boxes which they also charge you for because most airlines refuse bags over 70 pounds (and when they say 70 apparently they don’t mean 87 🙁 ). All that to say that after reading the article, I wised up and bought a luggage scale. I have had it for nearly two years now and it really has helped to minimize the checked luggage drama at the counters. I am able to weigh my luggage before getting to the airport and even though I still throw in a little extra, it is so nice knowing rather than hoping that your luggage is the appropriate weight.

I use the “Lewis N. Clark Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale” which can be purchased on Amazon for under $20. It is totally worth the investment and super easy to use!

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