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Hello Nippon!

I’ve been back in Japan (known as Nippon or Nihon is the Japanese language. Still don’t understand why we say Japan, but anywho) for a little over 24 hours and I could not be any happier. When my flight landed a smile spread across my face and it was an involuntary reaction, one that rarely happens. Japan represents my best me. It was in this country that I discovered happiness in my solitude and happiness in my overall life. The satisfaction I felt in Japan was none I had felt before. I had no chip on my shoulder, I was a lot less sarcastic, and I loved life. I was much more carefree and less stressed. That all vanished a couple of weeks after being back in the states and even during my travels. It just seems there is something magical about this place. While having people gawking at me again is mildly annoying, I am still enjoying every moment of being here. Being back with my friends has been awesome and seeing my old Japanese crush was as great as I thought it would be!!!

My primary reason for coming here is the wedding of my old manager who actually changed her wedding date to accommodate my attendance! I was just informed by her yesterday that I will be speaking at her reception. Not sure what I’m saying but I’m excited nonetheless! I promise I won’t be moving back to Japan anytime soon, but it will always remain on my list of yearly vacations, as long as financially possible. πŸ™‚

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