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Dance Party in OSAKA!!!

So last night my good friend Andrea and I, headed to what was claimed to be Osaka’s biggest dance party. The party was hosted at Osaka Creative Center which was a huge outdoor venue. With three stages and 36 DJs scheduled to spin it was bound to be an amazing night. Diplo,, MSRKRFT, and Steve Aoki were all headliners. My friend and favorite dj, Dj Bento was also playing.

We took the train with two of our other friends, and after getting directions from a taxi driver who spoke no English we were on our way. When we walked up to the venue we knew it was about to be crazy. There must’ve been over 1000 people. We headed to the end of the long line and waited patiently. Thank goodness for guest lists! We only payed 2000 Yen as opposed to the 5000 yen most people payed, and it came with one drink ticket.

It was a fun and crazy night. We managed to get backstage and ended up meeting two of the Black Eyed Peas. I will let the pictures and captions tell the story of this awesome night.

I saw in his green room and I walked over to him and said “I hate to do this, but can we get a picture?” He looked up and said “you’re black.” I replied after looking at my arms and said, “yes, yes I am.” This little interaction led to a thirty minute discussion about global economic development, which was very interesting but felt out of place backstage at a huge dance party.

When I first saw I had absolutely no idea who he was. I just loved his hair. I first said to him in English, “I love your hair.” He didn’t say anything, he just gave me a sort of blank stare. Then I asked in Japanese if he was Japanese, he continued to look at me blankly. When that failed I gave up and made a motion for us to take a picture together because I liked his hair. After I took the picture and he left, my friend told me that he was one of the Black Eyed Peas. Oops.

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