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Jet Lag

I open my eyes, feeling like I’ve been asleep for years. Its still dark so I figure it to be around 4am. My bladder is begging me to hop out of bed so I grab my iPhone to use it as a flashlight. Damn. Its only 1:37am. FML! I had slept less than four hours and I’m wide awake. (even though I did 43 hours on only 7 hours of sleep) I knew this would happen but I didn’t think it would happen this soon. After I returned from the bathroom I figured I’d lay down and try to fall back asleep. A little sudoku should get me there.

An hour later, no luck. Wide awake, I head into Matyi’s room. I forewarned him I would be up early and he gave me the green light to use the internet. He barely turned over when i walked in. I checked some email, facebooked, twittered or is it tweeted? Whatever. Then I decided to start laying the groundwork for our US roadtrip (we are gonna drive from coast to coast in july). After some calculating, I figure it will be at least 8,000 miles which would be about $1000 in gas. I get super excited thinking about the adventure.

I look at the clock. Only an hour has passed. Ugh. I head back to the guest room and lay down. A little more sudoku to lull me to sleep. Oh, btw, I have a slight addiction to this game. After another hour goes by, I stop playing and close my eyes, begging myself to go to sleep. It’s 4:34am. Suddenly I hear the grandfather clock. Its 5am. I tried counting backwards from 100, no luck. I must’ve dozed off around 5:30. When I woke up it was 6:15. Grrrrrr. I doze off again.

I am awakened by the menacing sound of foreign birds. I try to ignore them but I open my eyes and realize its morning. Well, 6:53. This is going to be a long day.

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