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4 Reasons My Life Kinda Sucks (or why I’m stupid and irresponsible)

4. I left my favorite Japanese watch at a Honduran hostel.

3. I left my 16gb iPod Nano on a flight from LA to Brisbane, Australia.

2. I left my favorite, very expensive, very irreplaceable Gucci aviators at a resort in Honduras. (The resort told me they had them but have yet to send them back to me.)

and the number 1 reason…..drum roll please……

1. I dropped my Marc Jacobs clutch on the ground while stumbling to the car in Brisbane, resulting in the entire screen on my iPhone being shattered.

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  1. You are not stupid or irresponsible. Accidents happen. Besides they make great stories to go a long with your many adventures. 🙂

    Michelle M.

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