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I visited Belize briefly on my way to Guatemala. Because of the advice of a friend I decided to skip the Cayes and head straight to the jungle in the west of the country. One thing I learned during my trip is that Belize was a former British colony that used to be called British Honduras. Stupidly, I assumed that it was a former Spanish colony as the rest of the countries in the region. Traveling is so very important because you learn so much. Though you can find all of this information in a book, it is often better to experience it first hand. The people of Belize were very kind and I am planning to go back to get to know the country a bit better. #catchmeinbelize

september 2017

First Time Visited


Times Visited

san ignacio

Cities visited


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november, february, april

When should I visit?

what to eat


Rice and Beans

You can never have enough rice and beans, especially when traveling through the Caribbean and Latin America. Well Belize blows everyone else's (yes, including your non-Belizian mother) rice and beans out of the water. Unlike any other country in the region, Belizeans make theirs with coconut milk. DELICIOUS. Be sure to pair it with fish and plantains.

Where to stay


Table Rock Jungle Lodge

This hideaway which is nestled in the jungle just outside of San Ignacio is the perfect getaway for someone looking to unplug and become one with nature. A nearly complete self-sustaining ecolodge, they have their own farm and solar power source. You can find a river behind the lodge where you can use free canoes and tubes to your heart’s content.

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  1. Hi 👋🏾 lady,

    I’ve been following on IG after @ownbyfemme and @HeyGorjess posted about the hotel “incident.”

    I checked this post out cuz I plan on traveling to Belize next month and I thought “surely she’s been there and has great recommendations.” And you do!
    But I must correct you on one thing. Belizeans aren’t the only ones who make rice and peas/beans with coconut 🥥 milk. Jamaicans also do this! It’s our traditional way and more often than not, we include coconut milk. It might be the rare times that it’s not included or we may not use a lot depending on how much we have.

    I know because I’m a born Jamaican. 😊

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Khanya,

      Thanks for your message and for following me!! Glad you found some useful info here! While in Jamaica or at all the Jamaican restaurants I’ve been to, I never had it this way, so pardon my ignorance. I look forward to having it this way the next time I visit Jamaica!!

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