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Travel Talk Series

Having traveled the world and visited 70 countries, Jessica Nabongo has gained more life experience than the average 32 year old. During her Travel Talks Jessica will use anecdotal stories to share with her audience key life lessons that have not only led to her success as an entrepreneur and a blogger, but lessons that have helped her to wake up and love life nearly every single day.

Over 100 people have attended past layovers. Don't miss out!


Detroit Layover - December 13th - House of Pure Vin


LA Layover - February 2 - AJ Crimson Beauty Atelier

Brooklyn Layover - April 4 - Electropositive

DC Layover - April 13 - Senate Square

Atlanta Layover - April 18 - The Musa Lair

Nairobi Layover - May 9 - The Foundry Westlands

London Layover - July 25 - Stagolee's - RSVP

Chicago Layover - Coming Soon

Johannesburg Layover - Coming Soon

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